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STNA Class

What is STNA? 

The STNA (State Tested Nurses Aide) program is a three-week class which allows students to advance their skills and offer opportunities to further their nursing careers. Students collaborate and work with residents to develop their observation skills, study any changes to the patient in real time, and acquire the knowledge of the core fundamentals in patient care.

At the end of the three weeks, students can confidently say “I saved a life today” based on their ability to recognize subtle behavioral, cognitive, or physical changes within the resident. These changes often lead to medical diagnoses which could be easily overlooked if not properly trained to address such subtleties. Students will obtain skills and knowledge necessary to take the State of Ohio STNA Certification. 


How to Apply

St. Augustine takes great pride in educating our future STNAs in providing superior care and excellence for our residents. If you’d like to register for the skilled Training Nursing Assistant Certification class please fill out the form below or mail in your application to: 

st. Augustine Health Ministries – Human Resources | 7801 Detroit Ave. | Cleveland OH 44102