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Grief & Bereavement Support

Holy Family respects that life is a journey with changes, transitions, rites of passage, and cycles of nature.

Grief & Spiritual Support

When we experience a deep loss, grieving is natural. People react differently. Your emotions and your grief journey are unique. The Holy Family Compassionate Bereavement Team is here for you. You do not have to walk this path alone. Some family members may need more support than your inner circle can provide. Our Bereavement Team can provide comfort, validation, and education. Holy Family bereavement counseling is available to all sorrowful souls, even if your loved one was not in our care.

Bereavement Support

  • Bereavement Counseling (extends 13 months)
  • Grief Support Groups (8-week sessions)
  • Monthly Grief Support Groups (ongoing)
  • Education Resources

Comments from Support Group Participants

“I’ve been to support groups before. This was the best. It was more than ‘just talking,’ it was processing as well.”

“I felt complete trust in what [the facilitators] said and understood what we were going through. Both made me feel it’s going to be okay and take time, they did not make me feel uncomfortable to let my feelings be heard.”

“They [facilitators] couldn’t be any better. Had been to another hospice group before and they weren’t this organized and relevant.”

“I like the positive attitude that exudes from both of you. It’s uplifting and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Nice program, helpful. The counselors did a nice job managing the weeks and preparing content. Kept the pace and made sure people had enough time to share. They are kind and compassionate. Thank you for a nice experience.”

All services are free of charge, but donations are gladly accepted. For more information on our bereavement programs, please contact Erin or Rachael at 440.888.7722.

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