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The Health Ministries Way

The greatest asset of any organization is its employees. To share the contributions of all employees across the organization, we have initiated “The Health Ministries Way,” an employee recognition campaign that highlights and celebrates St. Augustine Health Ministries’ culture of service excellence and fosters pride in those working within the organization.

Through this employee recognition program, employees, families, residents and volunteers identify members of the staff who demonstrate “The Health Ministries Way” by going above and beyond what’s required in their job to exemplify the mission, vision and values that make St. Augustine Health Ministries the best place to work and receive care.

Nominations can be submitted online through the link below or by emailing Alicia Mazzi at amazzi@st-aug.org. Written nominations should be placed in the “The Health Ministries Way” box near the reception desk or returned to the Human Resources Department. Candidates will be voted on and winners will be recognized at their respective Ministries location. “The Health Ministries Way” monthly winners will receive a cash gift and a personal day off with pay. In addition, award winners are featured on our website and Facebook page.

Please encourage staff, residents and families to nominate those employees who go above and beyond what’s required, creating a difference that makes St. Augustine Health Ministries special.

The Health Ministries Way

The greatest asset of any organization is its employees. To highlight and celebrate St. Augustine Health Ministries’ culture of excellence, we recognize employees who promote the mission and values that exemplify The Health Ministries Way! Explain in your responses below how your nominee goes above and beyond their everyday duties to make St. Augustine the wonderful community it is.

November 2022


Laura CEC

Child Enrichment Center | November 2022

“Laura Haring from our Child Enrichment Center has been nominated for November Employee of the Month for being her “kind, loving, caring, and a whole lot of fun” self that the staff, children, and family members of the children love! Laura stepped up and filled in as the Interim Director for months until a new Director started. She continued to do her other duties while also filling in as the director and did a phenomenal job in doing so. She is very positive and levelheaded while maintaining a calm demeanor, even during challenging times.”

Tamarra Nursing

Health Campus | November 2022

“Tamarra is one to never call off nor complain while working the third shift and is thorough in the great care that she provides to residents. Our residents look forward to having her on shift with them – knowing that they are in dutiful hands and will be provided for with the utmost care and consideration.”

October 2022


Lisa Pharmacy

Pharmacy | October 2022

“One of our Pharmacy Technicians Lisa Gibson has been nominated for October Employee of the Month for “being an extension of Christ to those that we care for.” Lisa overheard a conversation with a Hospice Nurse about obtaining comfort measures for a patient that was actively passing. She insisted on being notified the second the orders were obtained so she could bring them up to the patient right away, ensuring there was not a longer wait than necessary. Lisa puts others that she does not even know, before herself consistently. She has a deep understanding of the needs of the residents and how important it is that they feel cared for through personal experience transitioning her own father into hospice.”

Brooke Nursing

Health Campus | October 2022

“Staff and residents alike have noted that every time they are on our 2nd floor, they see Brooke smiling and assisting whoever needs help, whether they are in her care or not, without batting an eye – “the definition of a team player!” Brooke is known for her cleanliness and attention to detail, all while entertaining our residents with her kind soul and heart-warming personality.”

September 2022


Jonathan Housekeeping

Housekeeping | September 2022

“He has a kind soul and shows such love for his job through his magnetic personality and true dedication to his work. Jonathan never says no to any request, stops and talks to residents to try and put a smile on their face, and participates in all activities he can to brighten our resident’s day – occasionally with a song or two for them! “

Maria Nursing

Health Campus | September 2022

“STNA Maria has been nominated for the calming presence about her, having so very many “above and beyond” qualities about her as well. Maria is known to answer all call lights even when they are not her assignment, calm down residents who have been having a difficult time – leaving them smiling and laughing, and truly cares about every concern a resident has by letting other staff know just what they need.”

August 2022


Abigal Nursing

Health Campus | August 2022

“urse Abigail has been nominated for her kind giving spirit to others and her willingness to lend a helping hand to a staff member or resident in need. If a resident needs something, Nurse Abigail will go out and buy it for them herself. She comes to work with a positive attitude and a smile on her face.”

Mary Housekeeping

Housekeeping | August 2022

“Mary has been nominated for going beyond her job and for the selfless acts she does for others. Mary has taken time from her lunch break to treat our residents to a delicious home cooked meal out of the kindness of her heart. We are thankful for employees like Mary who make St. Augustine Health Ministries a great place to work, visit, and receive care!”




Nursing | November 2022



CEC | November 2022



Nursing | October 2022



Pharmacy Health Campus | October 2022



Nursing | September 2022



Housekeeping Health Campus | September 2022



Housekeeping Health Campus | August 2022



Nursing | August 2022



Older Adults | August 2021

“Loretta works with me in the home delivered meals program. She is a very hard worker and is very attentive and dependable!! She has been here for over ten years and it has come to my attention thru my own research that she has never been nominated for this prestigious award! When asked to come in early or stay later than her normal shift, there is no hesitation when she says, “No problem!” Nice job, Loretta!

Hilde, Nursing

Health Campus | August 2021

Dependable • Team Player • Caring • Helpful “Hilde is always putting her residents first. She is a team player, always helping out the aides when needed and picking up extra shifts — even working as an aide if needed. I always see her going above and beyond for the residents. You can always hear her coming down the hall — but one thing is for certain, she is always making people laugh (which we could we can use more of right now)! Thank you for always being so helpful. Your residents are so lucky to have you!” Congratulations, Hilde!


Nursing, Health Campus | July 2021

“Peaches has been given several new roles in the past couple of months, which changes her role sometimes daily. Every time I see her in the hallway, she always greets me with a smile! Her great attitude is infectious, and she is truly leading by example. I am listening to her orient the new employees, and she is exuding what St. Augustine’s vision is, to promote the sacredness of life in a community that celebrates purpose, individuality, companionship and well-being. She is promoting their participation in sharing their past experiences, and then she shares St. Augustine’s process. I am proud to call her a teammate, and very proud that she is one of the first people representing [St. Augustine] to our new family members!” Congratulations, Peaches!


Housekeeping, Health Campus | July 2021

Hard Working • Dedicated • Caring • Compassion • Dignity • Integrity • Dependable “I think Michelle is a very hard-working employee. She comes to work on time, cares about her work, shows compassion and she is dedicated to her residents. She does her job and gets the job done without a problem. She has a wonderful attitude I’ve noticed her working hard since she started the job.” Way to go, Michelle!


Nutrition Services, Health Campus | June 2021

Helpful • Dependable • Good Attitude • Kind “Michael has stepped up and helped wherever he is needed. He is reliable and has excelled with little oversight needed. He is a great addition to the nutrition team and always does things with a good attitude.” Congratulations, Michael!


Nursing, Health Campus | June 2021

Kind • Caring • Honest • Considerate “Destiny takes time to talk to residents. Co-workers like working with her because she cares about the residents and is always willing to pitch in and help. She makes a huge difference every day that she is working. She is always in a good mood and makes those around her happy as well. She is well liked and she is always very appreciative of those she works with.” Great job, Destiny!

Tom, Rec Therapy

Health Campus | May 2021

Helpful • Understanding • Kind • Reliable “I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Tom in the activities department. He has been great at keeping my mom and I connected with the iPad on a regular basis. If I had any concerns, he was there to help any way he could. His work and the rest of the staff is greatly appreciated in keeping our loved ones safe.” Nice job, Tom!


Respiratory Therapist, Health Campus | May 2021

Respectful • Hard Worker • Kind, Team Player • Dependable Irena is always willing to help everyone, residents and co-worker alike. An example of her going above and beyond: I was starting my shift and I was scheduled alone, when I must have had a syncopic episode. Well I was out for a while and was sent to the hospital. Irena was supposed to go home but she stepped up without being asked and stayed to work as long as she could. She is also willing to learn and is not afraid to ask for help when it’s needed.” “She always shows up early for her shift with a smile on her face. She picks up extra shifts and is willing to stay over when needed. The residents and staff love her. She is very easy to get along with and hard worker.” Congratulations, Irena!


Administrative Services, Health Campus | April 2021

“Your guidance and hard work made a difficult process more bearable. I appreciate that you always clearly communicated as the process unfolded. Roslyn is efficient at her job and cares about the families and residents that she works with; taking the extra time with family member and residents if needed. She is always polite and friendly, even in frustrating situations.” Way to go, Ros!!


Nursing, Health Campus | April 2021

Dignity • Compassion • Integrity • Dependability
“Ever since Keli became a nurse her compassion and care for the residents is never-ending. In my opinion, Keli is an advocate for the residents because of her caring nature for residents and staff. She speaks for them when they can’t speak for themselves. I love working with Keli because I can ask her a question about a resident and she will give me an honest answer.” Congratulations, Keli!


Nursing, Health Campus | March 2021

Funny • Kind • Helpful • Upbeat
“Jessica is a great aide who takes the time to know her residents and treats them with great respect. She is willing to help no matter what the situation may be and goes out of her way to assist where needed. As an employee and family member, I want to say thank you.” Nice job, Jessica!


Housekeeping, Health Campus | March 2021

“Ashonti has come in and accepted the challenges of her position without question. She moved into the coordinator position and has really blossomed with the additional responsibility. She is always willing to do anything asked of her and is always polite to everyone (management and peers alike).” Congratulations, Ashonti!


Older Adult Services | February 2021

Tenacious • Caring • Helpful • Fun “Matt Basically came into his position blind. However, to the benefit of all who work with him, he has full knowledge of the program – from delivering meals to working in the kitchen. Our ‘Matt of all trades,’ always there to help in any capacity with a smile on his face. Matt agreed to transport one of our COVID-positive residents to dialysis at 4:15 AM three times a week!” Congratulations, Matt!


Nursing, Health Campus | February 2021



Accounts Payable, Health Campus | January 2021

Kind • Helpful • Dependable • Caring “Donna works in accounts payable but she is always looking out for residents. She drops off items to the rec department for resident Bingo, trivia, or Christmas. She is very thoughtful and caring. She is willing to help in any way she can to brighten the residents’ day.” Way to go, Donna!


Nursing, Health Campus | January 2021

“I observed Diana with a resident returning from the shower. In passing, I mentioned to Diana that it’s been 5 years since I saw her up in a wheelchair and how wonderful it would be to see her in activities. Approximately 30 minutes later, I saw the resident up in a wheelchair, smiling, and she told me that Diana had braided her hair for her. Another staff member was taking her down to Bunco; it was so nice to see her up, smiling and participating in one of the many things that St. Augustine has to offer. More so, it was so nice to see one of our employees go above and beyond for this resident. Diana is just one of the many staff members here that go above and beyond for the residents daily.” Thank you, Diana!


Laundry, Health Campus | December 2020

Dependable • Friendly • Hardworking • Integrity “While the laundry department has had open positions, Lisa has given up her day off weekly to help cover the shortage. She has been very helpful in covering the open shifts.” Thank you, Lisa!


Nursing, Health Campus | December 2020

Cheerful • Honest • Helpful • Dependable “She makes me feel safe and helps me with all of my needs. She helps me dress and gives me a very good shower. I have arthritis and Parkinson’s disease and need extra help.” Awesome job, Pam!


Occupational Therapy, Health Campus | November 2020

Persistent • Cheerful • Precise • Task Master “Theresa is energetic, tireless and was so much fun working with me as a patient. She is remarkably tenacious, dedicated and steadfast. She is an overall joy! She has gone above and beyond to obtain resident food preferences and dietary information pertinent to the nutrition assessment on the COVID-19 wings. Since the RD/DTR are not able to visit the Residents in person, we must conduct the interview on the phone or rely on staff to help with this task. Theresa has willingly offered to do this for the residents and has even suggested a template for uniformity. Theresa always makes sure to relay information to me which is so important to be able to meet resident nutritional needs. I greatly appreciate her assistance!” Way to go, Theresa!


Nursing, Health Campus | November 2020

“In a recent care conference, a resident had nothing but praise for Charisse. She talked about how Charisse gives the best showers and used lotion that smelled wonderful.” Thank you, Charisse!!


Nursing, Health Campus | October 2020

From a resident: “Anais is really caring. She never complains and she fulfills responsibilities with care and precision. It seems to me that no task is too much for her. She cares for my personal needs with the utmost attention and is respectful with care for others. I am really happy to have Anna take care of me. She helps to make my stay and my life here very pleasant.” Way to go, Anais!


Physical Therapy, Health Campus | October 2020

“Lucy has gone above and beyond during our transition here at the Health Campus. She has jumped in and helped with STNA duties – passing and collecting food trays, helping with feeding – while continuing to complete all her duties in the department and, as always, being kind and patient with our residents. Lucy is always willing to help with interpreting for our Spanish speaking residents. She is a great asset to all of us.” You rock, Lucy!


Physical Therapy, Health Campus | September 2020

Compassionate • Knowledgeable • Diligent • Humorous “Lori exudes warmth and encouragement as a diligent taskmaster. She bonds easily with patients with her superb social skills. Her conscientiousness is clearly evident each day she has instructed and assisted residents. Lori is ready to do anything needed to make a resident happy!” Nice job, Lori!


Nursing, Health Campus | September 2020

Dedicated • Team Player • Helpful • Kind “Mary helps with anything that you ask. If you ask her to help in five minutes, she comes back. While everyone on the fourth floor works together, she goes above and beyond by being mindful of helping others, never feeling bothered by it, and checking in with others throughout her shift.” Congratulations, Mary!


Older Adult Services | August 2020

Helpful | Responsible | Friendly | Dependable | Integrity “When there was a change in the Older Adults program, Laura took on additional responsibilities to assist the new program coordinator. She has continued to complete duties that are above and beyond her normal responsibilities. In addition, she has been extremely dependable. For the program to run well it’s vital that she be there in the morning to receive the food and she’s always in there, ready and waiting!” Congratulations, Laura!


Health Campus, Nursing | August 2020

“One of the best-kept secrets on the second floor is our sweet Nafeesa. I do not know how she could be overlooked, as she is a big presence on the floor. She always has time for the residents and goes out of her way for us, putting us first no matter where she is in the building. I, for one, just love the care she provides. She is always willing to help her co-workers and she conducts herself in a way to make St. Augustine proud. I would giver he an award every month and make her employee of the year every year!” Thank you, Nafeesa!


Health Campus, Laundry | July 2020

“The laundry department has had an open position for a while and Josephine has been very helpful in filling those open shifts to be sure the residents have what they need. She always is willing to help out her coworkers. She cares about making sure the residents have what they need.” Nice work, Josephine!


Health Campus, Nursing | July 2020

“I would like to nominate Thomas Flemming the aide, for employee of the month. The last three shifts I have worked with him, he has worked so hard to get so many residents up. The residents have looked phenomenal up and it is so beneficial for them… It is not an easy task to get these residents up in the chair, and I applaud him for taking an initiative. Thomas diligently helps me every morning. He is always on the move, working in the rooms and in the dining room; he always has time for me and also diligently takes care of my roommate.” Congratulations, Thomas!


Towers Assisted Living, PA & Dining Room Coordinator | May/June 2020

“Sandra has been with the Towers for a very long time and has been a joy with her positive attitude and demeanor. Sandra is a hard worker and is always willing to pick up extra shifts when we are in a bind and is willing to help anyone who may need a hand in any department.” Way to go, Sandra!


Nursing, Health Campus | June 2020

A resident’s family member wrote of Tracy: “Tracy has consistently provided [my mother] with compassion, kindness and dignity that is so rare to see in this day and age. I knew that my mother was in good hands whenever Tracy worked and I felt comfortable leaving her at the end of my visit, knowing that Tracy would look after her as if she were her own mother. For this I will always be grateful. Thank you for all you do.” Congratulations, Tracy!


Speech Therapy, Health Campus, | June 2020

A patient nominated Kim for Employee of the Month, writing “Kim is a kind and dedicated professional who takes her job very seriously. As a persistent taskmaster, she cheerfully challenged me for precise results to improve my quality of speech. I am grateful for all she did for me.” Nice work, Kim!


Nursing, Health Campus | May 2020

Congratulations Rose! Words used to describe Rose are helpful, caring, compassionate and kind. Rose was nominated for Employee of the Month by multiple people, one of whom said, “She has a smile and is always ready to work. Rose is always helpful to coworkers and residents.”


Lucy, Housekeeping, Health Campus | May 2020

Nominated by a resident, Lucy is described as helpful, caring and respectful. The resident says, “Lucy moves all of my angels, etc. and makes sure the top of everything is clean. She also dusts my angels. I am extremely grateful to have Lucy taking care of my room.” Congratulations Lucy!


Human Resources, Health Campus

Marcie is a most caring and earnest young woman who goes beyond the call of duty. Marcie moved to the HR department and has done a fantastic job taking time to help employees. She has helped employees who needed to navigate social service systems and did not have computer skills to do so. She takes time to answer questions for employees and listen to them. Employees appreciate that she is willing to take time for them, even when it is not her responsibility. Congratulations, Marcie!


Nursing, Health Campus

Gwen is a good worker and a friend. She is always available, well organized, reliable and helpful. She takes her time to listen to and care for residents in a compassionate way. Congratulations, Gwen!


Maintenance, Health Campus

Mike is always willing to help however he can and usually goes beyond what is asked of him. He’s always respectful and friendly and never has a negative attitude. Congratulations Mike!


STNA, Health Campus

Congratulations Laura! A resident nominated Laura and described her as caring, hard-working, cheerful and professional. Laura most always responds to any calls for an aide or nurse with promptness, courtesy and with a helpful attitude; never with annoyance or any sense of exasperation or frustration. Keep in mind as an artificial hip recipient i was pretty darn helpless during much of my stay!


Marketing Coordinator | Health Ministries

Employees describe her as a team-player, creative, supportive and patient. Lia never settles for “good enough” in anything she does. As a graphic designer and a member of the advancement team, Lia assists all departments throughout the Health Ministries by designing materials that are both informative and that effectively communicate the mission. Integrity, dependability and excellence are three core values that best describe Lia. Congratulations Lia!


Laundry Aide | Towers

Congratulations to Connie! Connie has been a personal assistant and the Towers and is now a full-time laundry aide. She can do any job and really has since joining the Towers staff. Connie is a quick learner and does each job exactly as it is meant to be done. As a PA, she was regarded as one of the best and soon after she started working here she began training our new hires. Now she does laundry and has been just great at this job. Whenever we are short, just ask Connie and she steps right up to help out. We love having Connie at the Towers!


LPN | Emerald Village

Deb was nominated by a resident assistant who wrote, “Deb goes above and beyond every single day. She will do anything to keep the residents happy and healthy – she even saved a resident’s life! She deserves all the recognition in the world.” Deb has been a nurse at Emerald Village since October of 2017 and is well liked and respected by all. Congratulations Deb!


Respiratory Therapist | Health Campus

Congratulations to Sharon! Nominated by family member – Soft spoken, calm, kind and helpful”Sharon always stays calm in hectic situations, she is always smiling. Sharon always explains what she is doing. She is appreciated by James Hollan and his family so much. She is a gem.”


Housekeeping | Health Campus

Nominated by an employee – Involved, quality of work and great communication Faye is always involved with residents, families and peers. Reports to staff with any issues and still maintains her work responsibilities.


Nursing | Health Campus

Nominated by family member and employee – Kind, caring, hard-working and extra special My sister Beth was only at the Manor for 24 hours, and in that time, Thom made sure she was always clean, comfortable and especially her mouth was always kept moisturized. Thom even helped the Aides with turning Beth and cleaning her. I heard them say she didn’t have to help, but she said she wanted to. Beth was in the hospital for 1 month and when we brought her to St Augustine, she was finally resting and at peace. Thom always asked the family how they were and made sure we were doing well, especially during a very emotional time. She is a very special person and I truly belief one of the best nurses.


Nutrition | Health Campus

Congratulations to Julius! Nominated by 2 employees – Reliable, hard worker and works well with others.“ Julius is a wonderful employee. He has never called off, he runs the third floor kitchen great. The nursing department loves him. He comes in on his days off if we need him, he recently came in on a Saturday that he was scheduled off and stayed and helped out because we were short. He is a great team player” “Julius is one of our best workers in the nutrition department. He is reliable, a hard worker, and he works well with others. He has also helped out several times picking up extra shifts when we have had call-offs.”


Child Enrichment | Health Campus

Congratulations to Meghan! She was nominated by an employee: “Meghan is an integral part of the child enrichment team. She never seems flustered or stressed, even when you know she is. She is ever-patient and loving to our babies. She builds trust and relationships with the parents of our littlest children- she helps to ease the transition for parents who are returning to work after maternity/paternity leave. She quickly learns each baby’s personality and preferences. She implements this into her daily care for them. She is a very dependable employee. She values her job and rarely calls off. When former students and families come back to visit, Miss Meghan is often sought out! She always has a smile and a laugh to give.”. She was described as dependable, sweet-natured, patient, and fun-loving.


Nursing | Health Campus

Congratulations to Ruth! Ruth was nominated by a resident: “I am not good with words, but I want you to know how good she is with residents. All nurses should be as good. She checks on you without a light if you are not feeling good and she will do all she can to help you. Having a nurse like her is a God send. I am always glad to see her and am thankful for this person.” She was described as helpful, nice, thankful, and worldly.


Activities Assistant | Emerald Village

Congratulations to Jennifer for being the Emerald Excellence Award Winner for Feb/March 2018! She began her career as a housekeeper with Emerald Village. After hearing she was interested in working with the residents, Jen was interviewed and offered a position in our Activities Department. She has brought many new and exciting ideas to the Activities Department and never runs out of energy for her residents and co-workers. We are blessed to have her as part of our team.



Congratulations to Rhonda. Nominated by other – Always friendly, very knowledgeable, smile all day and always respectful. This young lady is an example all employees should strive to be like, always friendly, greets you all day and know her job.


Unit Receptionist

Congratulations to Debbie. She is the unit secretary on the 2nd floor. Debbie has been at the Manor for many years and she deserves to be acknowledged for her carrying attitude, her humor and hard work. Debbie does an exceptional job and our unit receptionists deserve to be recognized. The residents sit at their desk all day long. They talk and listen to the residents all day while completing all of their tasks and helping the rest of us. We would be lost without our unit secretaries

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