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Hospice Care

Hospice Care Wherever You Live

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Founded in 1956 by the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne, Holy Family has been the forerunner in the greater Cleveland area in caring for patients and families facing a terminal illness when life expectancy is measured in months, weeks or days.

We recognize that there are many overwhelming feelings when facing an advanced illness. With Holy Family Hospice, you open the door to a full range of options that are designed to enhance  life and help patients and their families make the most of the days that remain. Hospice care allows patients and families to focus on the things that matter the most – time with loved ones, sharing conversations with family and friends and empowering patients and their loved ones with choices and a sense of control with each day and every decision. Holy Family Hospice brings expert care, peace and comfort to patients and their families, wherever they live while enabling them to live fully, with comfort and dignity, to the end of life.

Our dedicated staff provides the highest degree of specialized care through a compassionate approach. Care is provided at home, whenever possible, providing relief from pain and easing of symptoms. We work with patients and families by providing emotional and spiritual support at a time when it is needed most.

Where We Provide Care

Our patients may choose to stay at home, in an extended care facility, assisted living or in our residential facility – Holy Family Home – for hospice services. Regardless of where our patients live, Holy Family offers the same holistic approach, using traditional and complimentary comfort therapies that help patients and families cope with the complexity of the advanced illness.

Your Hospice Team

Holy Family provides comprehensive “whole-person” care that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual concerns of individuals with a terminal illness. This model of care emphasizes comfort and quality of life, and it respects our patients’ goals, preferences and choices. The Holy Family Hospice team is comprised of experienced administrative staff, a medical director,  the patient’s preferred primary physician, an RN case manager, nurses, hospice nursing assistants, social workers, pastoral ministers, volunteers and grief support. Nursing support and access to other hospice services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also excel at managing patients’ spiritual and psychological needs, a critical aspect of providing quality care near the end of life.And we’ll be there to support family caregivers by reducing their growing stress, providing counseling services and offering spiritual support.

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Holy Family provides a complete support system for patients experiencing an advanced illness as well as their families. Wherever a Holy Family patient resides, they receive the same compassionate care and support, including:

  • Expert pain and symptom management.
  • Medicine related to the life-limiting illness.
  • Medical equipment and supplies related to the life-limiting illness.
  • 24 hr/seven days a week, on-call nursing assistance.
  • Family education regarding patient progress
  • training for caregivers
  • Patient and family support
  • Spiritual care.
  • Volunteer support.
  • Respite care
  • Help with advanced directives (health care power of attorney and living will).
  • Complimentary therapies such as prayer support, music, massage and pet therapy
  • Counseling for the patient and family members.
  • Bereavement support

Pastoral Care

Holy Family respects that life is a journey with changes, transitions, rites of passage, and cycles of nature. Spirituality is an interwoven part of everything we do and touches each member of the family. Simple, yet powerful, everyday events such as listening, conversing, easing troubled hearts, reconnecting divided relationships, and participating in life-enriching activities help to bring peace and comfort to the entire family. The importance of spiritual care differs from person to person. Some people may find solace in the rituals and traditions of organized religion; others may need to evaluate the meaning of their life and relationships or come to terms with important issues.

As a faith-based hospice, we believe that our patients’ spiritual well-being is equally as important as their physical and emotional needs. It is the cornerstone of all that we do. Our conscientious approach to end-of-life care for individuals of all faiths, is based on moral and ethical principles that support the value of human life at every stage as outlined by the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services. We respect each patient’s religious beliefs and faith preferences and communicate openly with their faith community in order to offer services that are meaningful to them.

Pastoral Services include:

  • Spiritual support for the patient, family members and caregivers
  • Support all all denominations and faiths
  • Addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients at the end of life
  • Offering counsel, prayer and ethical exploration
  • Arrange receiving of sacraments such as Reconciliation, Eucharist and Anointing of the Sick
  • Assisting in planning a funeral/memorial service
  • Speaking at a funeral /memorial service

Make a Referral

If you have questions about hospice care, or are considering referring someone for hospice care, please call us for a free confidential consultation. Referrals may come from family members, friends, physicians, health care professionals, nursing home or hospital staff or from a potential hospice patient.