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Holy Family Inpatient Hospice

Holy Family Home is a picturesque 30-bed inpatient center. Discreetly nestled on 7-1/2 wooded acres in Parma, Ohio, it provides a tranquil and comforting retreat for patients and families. Dedicated to families for over 65 years, Holy Family Home serves individuals diagnosed with any life-limiting illness. We minister to people, regardless of faith, with love and compassion. Holy Family Home residents have access to compassionate care for their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. We are open to families 24 hours a day.

We recognize feelings associated with terminal illnesses and grief can be overwhelming. We walk with you on this journey. With each step, we offer physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort focused on family needs and your loved one. Regardless of religion or financial status, we offer a transitional journey from illness to enrichment, love, and solace.

When to Consider the Holy Family Residential Home

Holy Family Hospice serves the individual needs of people experiencing end-of-life journeys. Some individuals prefer a home setting, while others prefer a 24/7 professional care retreat to maintain comfort and manage symptoms. As the first residential hospice facility in greater Cleveland, Holy Family Home provides additional care to patients and families when they need it most. We believe the best level of patient care includes the entire family circle. Holy Family offers clinical, emotional, and spiritual support to the collective family so everyone can focus on their loved one.

When to Consider the Holy Family Residential Home

  • When you need professional hospice care round the clock
  • When your loved one requires intensive, acute symptom management
  • When family caregivers need a respite from their caregiving duties
  • When a home caregiver is no longer available for your loved one
  • When your loved one can no longer live alone safely

Your Compassionate Care Team

Holy Family provides comprehensive care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of a life-limiting illness. Our philosophy of care targets comfort and quality of life while respecting personal wishes and individual choices. The Holy Family Compassionate Care team includes a medical director, nurses, licensed STNAs, social workers, grief counselors, a Chaplain, Roman Catholic Sisters, volunteers, and administrative staff.

Holy Family Residential Room Amenities

Holy Family Home is open to families 24 hours a day.
Room features include:

  • Spacious Rooms
  • Large Screen Television
  • Meals Made to Order
  • Keepsake Shelves for Family Mementos
  • Rooms Equipped with a comfortable sleeper recliner for family visits
  • Screened Patio with Picturesque Views
  • Atmospheric Landscape with footpaths, fish pond, water features, and wildlife

Holy Family Visitor Amenities

Holy Family Home is open to families 24 hours a day.
Visitor Amenities

  • 24/7 Visitation
  • Meals Made to Order
  • Welcoming Living Rooms
  • Family Lounges with Kitchenettes (each floor)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Community Spaces for Larger Gatherings
  • Chapel offering daily Mass (viewable on in-room television)
  • Daily Rosary and Communion
  • Meditation Room

Pastoral Services

Pastoral Care
Life is a journey; filled with changes, transitions, rites of passage, and cycles of nature. Spirituality is woven into our everyday actions and encounters. Simple, ordinary events such as listening, conversing, easing troubled hearts, reconnecting, mending, and enriching life are powerful. As a faith-based organization, we believe spiritual well-being is as important as physical and emotional health. It is the cornerstone of our care. Yet, spiritual care is different for everyone. Some people find solace in the rituals and traditions of organized religion, but others prefer contemplation. Still, others seek understanding. One size does not fit all.

We predicate our philosophy of care on moral and ethical principles. We embrace the value of human life at every stage.* We respect all faith preferences and religious beliefs. We communicate openly with diverse faith communities to provide meaningful services to every individual in our care.
* Note: The moral and ethical principles of Holy Family Home are outlined in the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services. Additionally, we gather resources from the National Catholic Bioethics Center for ethical guidelines.

Pastoral Services include:

  • Spiritual Support (for patient, family, and caregivers)
  • Supporting All Denominations and Faiths
  • Ministering to Patients (physical, emotional, and spiritual needs)
  • Counseling, Prayer, and Ethical Exploration
  • Sacraments (Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Anointing of the Sick)
  • Funeral or Memorial Assistance
  • Eulogy Assistance (speaking at a funeral or memorial service)

Inquiries and Referrals

Inquiries and Referrals
If you have questions about hospice care or are considering hospice care for a loved one, please call us for a free, confidential consultation. Referrals may come from a patient, family member, friend, physician, health care professional, nursing home, or hospital staff.

We preserve the legacy of the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne. We offer professional care and compassionate services, regardless of financial status, religion, national origin, race, sex, or age. Holy Family Home continues to rely heavily upon the generosity of people who support this ministry through direct donations.  


Holy Family Home Health Care is a Medicaid-certified agency that accepts Medicare, Medicare HMO’s, Medicaid, VA benefits, and most insurance providers.

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