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Covid-19 Vaccine Arrives At St. Augustine Health Campus: Hope for 2021

This past week, we set aside any anxiety and skepticism and stepped up to the plate to receive our first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on the St. Augustine Health Campus, administered by a CVS Health Team. Over 225 staff members received their first dose for our residents, for each other, for our own families, for you.

 Since early March we have worked long hours, filled in where volunteers and families once stood and worried as much about protecting our residents as our own families.

We have endured weekly COVID-19 testing and when the prevalence of COVID-19 goesup in the community, we come in on our days off to meet the required bi-weekly testing.

Each day we strive to bring laughter, love and reassurance to the residents while juggling the feeling of sadness we have over the loss of resident family interactions and normal resident activities.

With the arrival of the much anticipated COVID-19 vaccine, we stand proud and cheer for each other as we become a part of history by being some of the first to receive it. We take a step forward in providing another line of defense against this virus. And once again, we do everything necessary to keep one another safe and put an end to this health crisis, so that we can all be together again.

Together we are #StAugustineStrong!

February update: Campus Residents and Health Ministries staff have received both doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

We have seen residents, staff, familes and friends affected by this virus. Each of us has individual reasons for getting the vaccine. (click here to see some of our reasons) However, we all agree to do whatever it takes to lessen the effects and get us back to some sort of normal. It won’t happen overnight, but we are confident that this brings us one step closer.

We are extremly greatful to our CVS Health Team for working long hours to help end this pandemic.

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