A Home for Mary Ann is An Answer to Her Prayers

Finding a New Home at the Towers Assisted Living is an Answer to Her Prayers

Mary Ann finds a Home

Moving from the family home to an assisted living facility is never easy. Now imagine leaving not just your neighborhood, but also the city you called home for many years.

When Mary Ann’s son, John, decided to move to Cleveland from Chicago, he wanted his mother to come with him. He spent a great deal of time researching and visiting assisted living facilities in the hopes of finding one that would make her feel welcome. His search ended when he visited St. Augustine Towers.

“John said, ‘I want to know the truth about St. Augustine,’” Mary Ann says. So Brigid Nolan, Director of St. Augustine Towers,showed him around. “He saw all the happy faces. Every room looked and smelled good. He saw the chapel and loved it.”

When it was time for Mary Ann to see St. Augustine for herself she found it to be just as John described. “I opened the door and saw a resident,” she recalls. “She looked at me with a big smile. I thought that was a good start.” Mary Ann also appreciated how the staff made her feel at ease. “I liked the way they were talking to me.”

Two years have passed, and Mary Ann, now 77, says she is thrilled to call St. Augustine home. She is active in many activities. For example, she became a sacristan in the chapel last year, and is now volunteering in the nursing home chapel on the St. Augustine campus. “I never want to leave here,” she remarks.

The goal of St. Augustine, which was founded by Catholic Charities, is to offer affordable, nurturing care, according to Brigid Nolan. “We’re not out to take their life savings; we’re here to take care of them. Moving into an assisted living facility is a huge life-changing event,” she says. “We want them to feel that this is their home.”

Beautiful surroundings help to create this atmosphere. A recent renovation of St. Augustine Towers, partially funded by Rooted in Faith – Forward in Hope resulted in updated furniture, carpeting and beautiful new artwork. The updates lend a homey ambience that residents like Mary Ann appreciate.

“I have prayed a lot for a place like this,” Mary Ann says. “God really answered my prayers.”