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May 4, 2020

National Nurses Week Highlight: Lyn Strollo, LPN

Lyn Strollo has been a nurse since October 2018, has worked at our Towers assisted living since August, and has already been named Employee of the Month. She is pictured with Tom, a Towers resident and WWII Army veteran.

What motivated you to go into nursing as a career?
I love helping and taking care of people. Nursing gave me the skills to better assist people and provide the care they deserve.

What is an impactful family or patient experience you have had?
I have a resident who I have spent a large amount of time with, and in that time while providing care and treatments, has trusted me with sharing about his life, his family, both verbally and with photo albums. This resident always stops to ask me how my family and I are doing. This resident has impacted me with his openness, trust, care and concern for others. This resident is a daily reminder of why I do what I do, even on tough days!

What gifts/characteristics/traits do you think you are able to share with patients and families that help during their time here at the Towers?
I feel I am a good listener. I am able to listen to the residents and pick up on how they are feeling and notice changes to avoid potential problems. I care deeply for them all, and always strive to give them 100% effort.

What is the biggest personal reward that you have received during your time working at the Towers?
It’s so rewarding when a resident tells me they are glad I’m their nurse or says I helped them through a situation… to know that they can feel that I care for them, their safety and happiness.

If you weren’t a nurse, what would you be?
Prior to becoming a nurse I worked in human resources, so I’d probably still do that. Although in a much different way, I was still able to support others.

What is one thing you’ve learned either about yourself or nursing in general in the last several weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic?
I have learned how impactful we can be to the residents during this time, as they are unable to visit family and friends, we really become their family and they become ours. Whether its providing care support, a friendly face, or just someone to listen to them.

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