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April 26, 2023

Cleveland State University OTDP Contributes Purposeful Participation Opportunities for Residents.

We are so grateful to be working with the Cleveland State University Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program (OTD) Service-Learning Class!  These students are now in their last semester of their OTD program and have been coming to our facility once a week for a little under two months.  This week the students and residents are preparing for next week’s grand finale party by crafting up games, invitations, and goodie bags!

Throughout their time at St. Augustine Health Campus, the students have been running groups based on a lifestyle program consisting of activities which promote health and wellness, initiate problem solving, help to develop coping skills, and encourage communication and group participation to build a sense of community.  The sessions with these students can also give a sense of pride and accomplishment to all of those participating, since each week they have a new craft or project that has been completed from start to finish.

“We have had some neat activities; one of my favorites was making a record out of paper plates.  We talked about what song we chose while we decorated and fixed them up.  I have really enjoyed myself and am excited about our party coming up next week,” said Milton, a resident.  He also added that his other favorite had to be the aquarium-building, which he proudly displayed on his dresser. 

The groups are designed to be “hands on” where our residents work on a craft, play a game, prepare a light snack, etc., while receiving education and assistance from the students.  These groups aid people with dementia but are beneficial for all our residents; the students provide individualized attention as they are designed for each person or each group’s specific needs.

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