Employee Recognition - The Health Ministries Way

The Health Ministries Way

The greatest asset of any organization is its employees. To share the contributions of all employees across the organization, we have initiated “The Health Ministries Way”, an employee recognition campaign that highlights and celebrates St. Augustine Health Ministries’ culture of service excellence and fosters pride in those working within the organization. 

Through this new employee recognition program, employees, families, residents and volunteers identity members of the staff who demonstrate “The Health Ministries Way” by going above and beyond what’s required in their job to exemplify the Mission, Vision and Values and exemplary customer services that make St. Augustine Health Ministries the best place to work and receive care.

“The Health Ministries Way” showcases the personal touches that staff bring to their work.

Nominations can be submitted online through the link below or by emailing Alicia Mazzi at amazzi@st-aug.org. Written nominations should be placed in the “The Health Ministries Way” box near the reception desk or returned to the Human Resources department. By completing a form, you are nominating an employee as a candidate for next month. Candidates will be voted on and winners will be recognized at their respective Ministries’s location. “The Health Ministries Way” monthly winners will receive a cash gift and a personal day off with pay.  In addition, HM Way-ers are featured on our website, the Health Ministries Facebook page, and on “The Health Ministries Way” wall of honor sending a powerful message to their colleagues, patients and visitors about their commitment to Excellence and Mission. 

 Please encourage staff, residents and families to nominate employees who go above and beyond what’s required and create a “Difference” that makes St. Augustine Health Ministries special.

Employee Recognition Form

Click here to submit a nomination!

Our Health Ministries Way Award is presented to a staff member who represents all of the following pillars: 


Respecting the inherent value and worth of each person


Promote healing, provide hope to others through both joy and suffering


 Fostering a high quality workplace


 In word and action for the good of others


 By exceeding basic job requirements and making customers happy with COMFORT, LOVE, and EMPOWERMENT


Working well and in cooperation with coworkers throughout  the Health Ministries System


 Accepting and understanding of people who need our help. Taking the extra time to feed, visit, listen, advocate etc.       


Always available and willing to help out when needed, without being asked


Helping to enrich others’ lives




Personal Assistant - St. Augustine Towers Assisted Living

Nominated by a colleague: Sandra has become one of the most dependable and hard working employees the Towers Assisted Living has ever had. I know I have never heard her say “no” to anyone when asked for help. The residents love her kindness, dependability, and she is always setting a great example for others to work and live by.



Emerald Village Senior Living

Brian was nominated by a co-worker who stated that he was always willing to help out and teach new servers. He has grown in his role over the past few years and is also a Dining Room Host.



Nursing- St. Augustine Health Campus

Nominated by a resident: “On several occasions I had overheard residents’ compliment her on her care and concerns. She is kind to me and gets me whatever I need to feel better. She never says no.”



Nutrition Services - st. Augustine Health Campus

Nominated by a family member: Jamie was willing to help us store our cold and hot food for us as we prepared to have a surprise birthday party for my mother. Jamie was kind, considerate and willing to do whatever he was able to make our party a success. After we were done, he came down to see if we needed anything. His soft spoken manner, supportive approach and bright smile really helped me a lot! I felt that I could relax and help my mom enjoy her party.