Caregivers Coffee Break: A podcast for caregivers -

Caregivers Coffee Break: A podcast for caregivers

Welcome to Caregivers Coffee Break! Taking care of a loved one presents challenges that don’t come with a how-to manual; enter our podcast for caregivers. Each podcast is approximately 20 minutes long, which is just long enough for a cup of coffee. Hear from experts in the field on topics like how to navigate programs and services like Medicaid to personal experiences from those on the receiving end of care. Grab your favorite mug, pour the coffee and take a break with us!

On this two-part episode of Caregivers Coffee Break, Cleveland radio legend Trapper Jack talks to Eileen McShea about losing his eyesight and how the loss affected his relationship with God. In part two, he describes some miraculous encounters and Eileen shares a miracle of her own.Click here to listen!

Sarah Adler, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, and Maria Bowe, LPN, share their ideas and resources for recognizing and reducing caregiver stress. The first step is accepting that no one can do it alone. Click here to listen!

Matt Deliberato from Deliberato Law Center talks about preparedness, probate, wills, trusts and power of attorney — and why it’s so important to plan now, before you are forced to make a decision while in “crisis mode.” Matt’s inspiration comes from growing up in his family’s funeral home, and seeing families unprepared for a loved one’s funeral costs, and asset management. Click here to listen!

Join Eileen McShea as she and Carrie Nicholas, a bereavement counselor at Holy Family Home Health Care & Hospice, discuss ways of coping with grief.
Click here to listen!

Learn more about Holy Family’s bereavement support services.

Sister Margaret Mary from Holy Family Hospice describes the calling she has had since the third grade, her own loss and how her faith keeps her strong. Her beautiful Irish brogue is worth the listen. Click here to listen!

Dr. O’Toole, Director of Palliative Care at St. Augustine Health Ministries and MetroHealth explains the basics of what is Palliative Care and how it differs from hospice. Palliative care is a resource that so many people don’t know about or understand how to get it. Dr. O’Toole gives us some great suggestions. Click here to listen.

In our first installment of Caregivers Coffee Break, a podcast for caregivers, Dana Carns introduces St. Augustine Health Ministries and describes the multiple services and programs available here. She talks about the yearly weeklong camping trip for residents, and the lengths that the staff goes through to make sure everyone gets to go. Dana also explains the mission of St. Augustine Health Ministries and how the people and practices behind that mission are a continuously growing patchwork of stories about love and generosity. Click here to listen.