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The St. Augustine Child Enrichment Center implements the Creative Curriculum, which focuses on learning concepts, proper hygiene, independence and respect of everyone. In our infant and toddler rooms, the curriculum is enhanced with infant and toddler guidelines. The preschool curriculum is enhanced with activities to prepare your child for kindergarten, by focusing on Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards.

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Infants (6 weeks – 18 months old)

Student-Teacher Ratio: 4:1
Weekly Tuition: $245
Classroom Focus:

  • Sitting up
  • Rolling over
  • Crawling
  • Walking
  • Learn independence with feeding
  • Playing with toys that promote fine and large motor skills

Infants Plus (older infants; based on ability)

Student-Teacher Ratio: 4:1
Weekly Tuition: $245
Classroom Focus:

  • Learning words
  • Associating words with objects
  • Introduction to letters, colors, numbers, and shapes
  • Basic sign language
  • Working on independence with feeding and using utensils

Toddlers (18 months – 3 years)

Student-Teacher Ratio: 1:6
Weekly Tuition: $230
Classroom Focus:

  • Introduction to potty training (when child appears to be ready)
  • Exposure to reading and pre-writing skills
  • Detail fine motor activities to help support skills needed in preschool

Preschool (3-5 years old)

Student-Teacher Ratio: 1:10
Weekly Tuition: $210
Classroom Focus:

  • Increased independence with daily life skills such as independently toileting, dressing themselves, etc.
  • Exposure to writing
  • Proper grasp of pencil (younger preschool)
  • Putting letters together to create words (older preschool)
  • Phonics
  • Math

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