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Alleluia He is risen! He is truly risen!

Sr. CeAnn has been sharing weekly prayers with our staff during these last couple of weeks. The following is her prayer for this Holy Week. Alleluia He is risen! He is truly risen! This Easter, may our Risen Lord and Savior touch our hearts and heal our lives so we can sing joyfully, “ALLELUIA.” As [...]

Our Hope is the Lord!

Sr. CeAnn, one of our Pastoral Care members shared this prayer with our staff as we continue to keep everybody safe: Our Hope is in the Lord! Dear Lord, as we come together in prayer we all come with many different prayers for hope. We hope we all will stay well during this very difficult [...]

Debra Von Enck: Helping Patients and Families Through Their Final Chapter Together

The interdisciplinary team at Holy Family Hospice combines expert medical care, pain management and emotional and spiritual support to help guide patients and families through their final chapter together. We tailor service according to each patient’s needs and wishes. Clinical Nurse Specialists have advanced their educations and obtained a master's degree and additional certification. This [...]

Love for the Elderly Brings Sunshine

The residents of St. Augustine Health Campus were treated to a surprise “pick me up” when three volunteers from Love for the Elderly showed up at the facility with Sunshine Bags, filled with all kinds of goodies and a note for each resident!  Jacob Cramer, the founder of the nonprofit, shared how special the day [...]

Staff enjoys lunch provided by grateful donor

St. Augustine staff would like to thank to the donor who made a generous donation to be used to buy lunch for our staff in gratitude for the care of his aunt. In a letter accompanying the donation, the donor wrote, "I'm writing to thank you for taking such amazing care of my aunt... kindness [...]

Continuum of Cleveland Care

St. Augustine Health Ministries celebrates 50 years of growing its services to meet the needs of a diverse patient population.  Reposted from Cleveland Magazine Although it started as a nursing home in 1969 on Detroit Avenue, St. Augustine Health Ministries has evolved throughout the years to greatly expand its continuum of care to meet the [...]