Winter Fall Prevention - St. Augustine Health Ministries

Winter Fall Prevention

Help keep our elderly safe this winter with these seven tips

Each year, 2.8 million elderly adults are treated for fall related injuries. In the winter, the chances of suffering a fall increases after age 65, and significantly so after age 75. Falls have also become the leading cause of traumatic brain injury and hip fractures.

Here are 7 tips which you can do for yourself and your loved one:

  1. Remove snow immediately: from driveways, walkways, steps, and porch stoops
  2. Choose the right shoes: be sure footwear are the right size and have great traction
  3. Ask for help: be sure to have a neighbor you can go to, or be that person for your elderly friend.
  4. Slow down: allow yourself enough time to get where you are going.
  5. Keep your hands free: be sure to keep your hands out of your pockets to help keep your balance.
  6. Plan ahead: Plan your trips out around the weather. Be sure to wait until the weather clears.
  7. Walk like a penguin: take short shuffling steps and walk as flatfooted as possible on slippery or icy ground.

We hope that with these tips,  you and your loved ones will be a little safer this winter.

About St. Augustine: For nearly 50 years, St. Augustine Health Ministries has provided services and programs to thousands of Clevelanders- the chronically ill, aging, disabled and those in need of hospice care. As a not-for-profit, faith-based organization, we rely on the support of our community friends and partners to help continue to bring these services to those in need.