Willpower: Triumph for St. Augustine Resident, Ben

Cleveland, OH– When Ben came to St. Augustine Health Campus in the summer of 2017, he knew he had to put in a lot of work to go home. In his early 40s, Ben suffered from a stroke and his life changed drastically when he was unable to care for himself, his two children or live on his own. When he arrived, he could not talk, used a wheelchair and was unable to eat without assistance from a feeding tube.

Now a little over a year later, Ben is walking, with a cane, out of St. Augustine. After undergoing intensive physical and occupational therapy, he was able to regain some of his strength. Now, he is able to feed and clothe himself, shower and complete household chores. Ben made tremendous strides in his recovery thanks to the tireless and constant effort from staff at St. Augustine.

Although his motor and self-care skills were becoming stronger, his speech was taking a little longer to come back. Ben has expressive aphasia, meaning the words are in his head but he has difficulty getting them out. He also has apraxia, meaning if the words do make it to his mouth they often come out jumbled. He knows what he wants to say, but he has difficulty in expressing the words.

Ben needed a communication device in order to live independently and safely in the community. However, insurance would not cover the cost of such a device. Due to kind donors, St. Augustine was able to purchase a communication device to assist him. This device speaks for Ben if he is having difficulty. It has preset questions and sayings, which allows him to be part of conversations around him. Once Ben received his communication device, he was able to go home and live with his mother and children.

On October 5, 2018, St. Augustine’s staff who worked closely with Ben applauded him as he walked out of St. Augustine Manor ready to take on his second chance at life. Everyone at St. Augustine is so incredibly proud of Ben and we cannot wait to see all of the amazing things he does.


Ben Leaving St. Augustine

Ben With Staff