Voldrich Family Brings Santa To Holy Family - St. Augustine Health Ministries


ThankJindra familys to the goodness of Frank Voldrich and the four generations that followed in his footsteps, 2016 marks the 100th year that the Voldrich family has played Santa Claus, bringing gifts and spreading joy to those in need.  Among the lucky recipients of Frank’s legacy are the patients at Holy Family Hospice in Parma, who will enjoy a visit and gifts from old St. Nick on Christmas morning.  It began in 1916, when Frank and two friends of his decided they wanted to make a difference.  They solicited items from businesses in the East 55th Street neighborhood and brought apples, oranges and popcorn balls as gifts from Santa to children who were patients at St. Alexis Hospital.  Since that first Christmas morning long ago, Frank’s descendants have kept the tradition alive, dressing as Santa Claus and visiting organizations throughout Northeast Ohio.  His grandson, Bill Jindra, shares that he and his three brothers have participated for the past 50 years.  This year, Frank’s great-great granddaughter joins the group as a fifth generation member, continuing the century-old tradition begun by the family patriarch, Frank Voldrich.