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January 27, 2023

Unseen Heroes: Our Maintenance Department

The upkeep of a home is pivotal to bringing in comfort, peace, joy, and productivity. Throughout St. Augustine Health Ministries, our Maintenance Department is tasked with keeping a combined total of approximately 387,000 square feet of space running through oversight of daily operations, ensuring high quality environment of care, managing construction products, maintaining security, keeping our buildings up to compliance and certification, on top of the preventative day-to-day maintenance.

The Health Campus, comprised of 6 floors is not only daunting in its capacity, but is over 65 years old – meaning that our maintenance crew is constantly maintaining and upgrading technology and infrastructure to ensure a safe, livable environment for the 248-bed facility. From operating HVAC machines, boilers, and chillers to make sure we have the things we at times take for granted such as heating, air conditioning, and water to fixing everyday equipment – our Maintenance Department requires an expertise in all areas of building operations.

As if keeping the Health Campus fully-functioning wasn’t a high maintenance enough job to give our 14-person building services crew, they are also responsible for the 24/7, 365-day upkeep of both the Towers Assisted Living and Holy Family Hospice. Our Towers Assisted Living facility, standing 7 floors high, also demands the same duties as the Health Campus along with electrical work, dealing with consequences of the weather, and so on. Then we have Holy Family, pact with all the same tasks for the hospice facility to deliver comfortable, end of life care to patients. The management of the daily operations is nothing to gawk at, most days throughout St. Augustine Health Ministries, you can find various teams of the Maintenance Department around the building running from job to job to keep our facilities running smoothly.

Our Maintenance Department truly are the unseen heroes, working behind the scenes to allow us to continue to do what we do. We are so grateful for the tireless work our building services staff puts in each day to turn St. Augustine Health Campus, Towers Assisted Living, and Holy Family Hospice into fully functioning homes for all of those we care for – THANK YOU!

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