Cleveland, OH – A longtime member of the St. Augustine Health Ministries Board of Directors, J. Thomas Hannon, was granted lifetime membership to the Board at the annual meeting held on June 20, 2017. The recommendation, in appreciation for his 29 years of outstanding leadership service toward the Mission of St. Augustine, received a unanimous vote.

Tom began his service on the Board in 1988. He has held positions of secretary and vice chair. He served on the finance committee, long-rang planning and has overseen the Diocesan Insurance Service Committee.   “He helped the skilled nursing facility immeasurably during Ohio’s liability insurance crisis in the early 2000’s when liability insurance costs on a price per bed basis were exponentially increasing on the open market.  He was able to keep our liability insurance cost increases in the moderate range for the nursing home keeping us cost competitive and making it affordable to have the adequate coverage” said Frank Huba, CFO.   “Tom has provided our Ministry with a great deal of advice, counsel and direction in all fiscal areas”.

We are deeply blessed in many ways as we work to benefit those in need, but in no greater way than by the caliber and commitment of individuals such as Tom, who have guided and led us through the years.


 St. Augustine Health Ministries is a mission-driven, faith-based, not-for-profit organization founded by Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland, dedicated to providing a continuum of health care and social services within our community, primarily to the chronically ill and aging. Throughout the Health Ministries, we ensure that the needs of every individual are met with dignity, comfort and love.