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Recreational Therapy Professionals

St. Augustine Recognizes Recreational Therapy Professionals for Exceptional Care


Cleveland, OH: St. Augustine Health Ministries has always been exceptional in caring for residents. This is in part due to St. Augustine’s Recreational Therapy Professionals who promote the wellbeing and the quality of life to all its residents.

Recreational therapy engages residents in fun activities such as music, sports, news, or bingo to enhance their functioning, independence, and well-being. Benefits include but are not limited to pain management, memory, perception and adaptive recreation skills. All of which can be applied throughout the lifespan, specific age group, and to the onset of a disability. St. Augustine offers creative programs designed to enhance the quality of life, socialization, physical activity, increase self-esteem, and increase intellectual function.

St. Augustine Health Campus has ten people on staff in their Recreation Therapy Department, Skilled Nursing, and Assisted Living and provides activities for about 20-30 residents per week. Activities are designed to meet the needs, interests, and capabilities of the residents on an individual, small group, and large group setting. These activities include weekly outings, exercise, art therapy, cooking group, bible studies, holiday parties, foreign language classes and Resident Council.

The Rec Therapy Staff view their work as more than just a job, it is bettering the quality of life of the residents at St. Augustine. Tim Tobias, a Rec Therapy staff member states “we normalize a very abnormal situation and take a circumstance that could be reduced and make it as fulfilling as possible”.

Even the residents notice the higher level of dedication the Rec Department offers. Joanna, a current resident of St. Augusine says, “When I worked I sold adaptive clothing to nursing home in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio and never saw one as active as this. I never seen people go out and take care of people as much as they do. They never say no to new activity ideas and I have never seen anything a more active department than the one here at St. Augustine.”

It is evident with the rise of baby boomer seniors that the need to recreational therapists is on the rise. The methods of care will always be progressing and adapting to better fit the needs of residents.

Submitted by: Alexandra Nalepka

About St. Augustine: For nearly 50 years, St. Augustine Health Ministries has provided services and programs to thousands of Clevelanders- the chronically ill, aging, disabled and those in need of hospice care. As a not-for-profit, faith-based organization, we rely on the support of our community friends and partners to help continue to bring these services to those in need.