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Inspiring Others to Make a Difference

(Cleveland) What would the world look like if everyone lived by the “Golden Rule,” do to others what you want them to do to you? Perhaps you would see love, compassion and hope that is shared with everyone – young children, the sick, the aging, those at the end of life’s journey. Perhaps you would see humanity as it should be – putting oneself aside while focusing on helping others; a circle of caring that continues to grow.

Ask the staff of St. Augustine Health Ministries why the do the work that they do and you will hear, “because I can make a difference in someone’s life” or “I’m making a difference in the world.” They take care of our most cherished possessions, our loved ones. As caregivers, teachers, housekeepers or support staff, employees leave their own personal concerns at the door to focus on helping someone else in need. They not only come to do their “job,” they bring honor and value to the lives of those they serve. They don’t do it for the prestige or recognition, they do it because it’s the right thing to do.

After a brief visit to the Health Campus, members of the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation were inspired by the love and care shown from staff and residents alike. Following the “Golden Rule,” the Foundation made a generous donation to help honor staff through “random acts of kindness”. Each month, various departments and staff are awarded gift cards and sweet treats as a way to honor them for making a difference to others each day.Random Acts of Kindness 5

The care that began with the staff to the residents eventually came full circle through the unselfish gift from the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation. Alexandra says in her blog, “We hope to enrich people’s lives and to inspire others to make a difference.” And they have.

St. Augustine Health Ministries and the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation know that every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact. To make someone smile or to share a hug, a laugh and even a tear can do as much for you as it does for them.

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St. Augustine Health Campus has been a leader in serving the chronically ill and aging of our community for nearly 50 years. Services include short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, assisted living and long-term care.  St. Augustine Health Campus is minutes from downtown and adjacent to the Gordon Square Arts District and is a service of St. Augustine Health Ministries and Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland.