Partner of the Year - St. Augustine Health Ministries

St. Augustine Health Campus has been named the 2014-2015
Partner of the Year
For outstanding dedication
and service to the
NearWest Intergenerational School (NISW) students and community

In addition to working on a variety of lessons with assisted living and skilled nursing residents, the students are also learning about differences, respect, and the value of the wisdom and experiences of their elders.

We are proud to be a part of shaping future generations!

NWIS Award (16)

NWIS Partner of the Year Award

NWIS Award (9)

Students from NWIS and Health Campus Residents

NWIS (8)

Arts, Crafts and Fun with NWIS students and their elder friends

NWIS (5)

Working together on a horticulture project