Maria Bowe Honored by LeadingAge Ohio with Excellence in Caring Award - St. Augustine Health Ministries

Maria Bowe, St. Augustine Health Campus Honored by LeadingAge Ohio with Excellence in Caring Award

(Columbus, Ohio) – Last week, Maria Bowe of St. Augustine Health Campus was awarded the Excellence in Caring Award by LeadingAge Ohio. The award was presented during the LeadingAge Ohio Awards Luncheon as part of the LeadingAge Ohio 2017 Annual Conference and Trade Show.

The award honors a LeadingAge Ohio member employee that demonstrates commitment to the member organization, engages with employees as a mentor and role model, exemplifies the organization’s mission and value and is a proficient communicator.

In 2012, Ms. Bowe joined the team of St. Augustine Health Ministries as a licensed practical nurse (LPN), and her attentive and outgoing demeanor was immediately recognized by residents, families and colleagues. When the organization was looking for an instructor to teach their new STNA class, Ms. Bowe was a natural fit.

Colleagues note that one of Ms. Bowe’s greatest strengths is her ability to be “fully present” for each person she encounters; demonstrating the perfect balance of direct care with emotional and spiritual support.  

In addition to class time, Maria spends as much one-on-one time with students as they need to help them succeed; staying late or coming in on weekends. One of her students says, “If she had been my high school teacher, I would have loved being [at school]. She pushed us to do our best while showing that she understands and sees us. She pulled the great out of us even on our worst day. She always had a smile, which pushed us to have a sparkle!”

“The more you empower [the students] to shine, the better quality of life they will provide to the residents who live here,” said Ms. Bowe. “Some don’t have a good support system when they enter the class. I feel responsible for them and validating their worth.”

“Maria Bowe exemplifies LeadingAge Ohio members’ caring missions,” said Kathryn Brod, President/CEO of LeadingAge Ohio. “Her good works have created a ripple effect. She has nurtured a fleet of frontline workers, who then pass on that same compassionate spirit in the service they provide older adults.”

“I’ve been out of school for 40 years and was apprehensive about starting a new career.  Maria is an excellent teacher. She explains everything and uses real life examples to help everyone understand.  Her strongest attributes are her sincere and genuine love for the residents and her love of the nursing profession.   The way she interacts with the residents – and through her stories – you really begin to connect with the true spirit and the soul of each resident. They aren’t just residents.  She makes you understand that nursing is an honored profession. You can’t help but be inspired knowing that we will be privileged to connect with the residents on that level.”  said Kathy Sanson, STNA graduate

Founded in 1937, LeadingAge Ohio is a member driven organization that represents approximately 400 long-term care facilities located in more than 150 Ohio towns and cities, as well as those providing housing services and ancillary health care across a continuum of settings. Through a recent merger with Midwest Care Alliance, LeadingAge Ohio’s members represent home care and hospice services to an even greater degree than ever before. Member organizations are estimated to serve more than 400,000 elderly Ohioans and employ more than 35,000 persons statewide. Members are sponsored by religious, fraternal, private and government organizations committed to providing quality services for their residents and for older persons in the community at large.