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“Magic Table” Provides Cognitive Care

Tovertafel, or the English variation, “magic table” truly lives up to its name with engineering purposeful play. This cutting-edge technology was made for those with dementia and intellectual disabilities, to stimulate and improve social interaction, happiness, and apathy. Apathy (loss of interest, motivation: depression) fast tracks the disease, which negatively influences physical, cognitive, and emotional wellbeing and affects 90% of dementia patients. When we reduce apathy, we are interrupting a bit of the deterioration that takes place in the brain normally with many of these mind-altering diseases. We are proud to announce that St. Augustine Health Ministries is the first in Ohio to implement a Tovertafel in our facility!

This therapeutic play system has sensors that project interactive games and colorful images to encourage play which can produce a significant increase in physical activity and improvements in wandering, restlessness, reduction of anger, fear, and sadness. The bright moving lights are used to promote different actions/movements that were once used in the past to induce memory recall and grab their attention, calling them to engage in the present moment. We thank you for your help in making this possible for our residents, granting them confidence once again in their abilities! Without your generous donations, this would not have been possible!

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