Love for the Elderly Brings Sunshine - St. Augustine Health Ministries

The residents of St. Augustine Health Campus were treated to a surprise “pick me up” when three volunteers from Love for the Elderly showed up at the facility with Sunshine Bags, filled with all kinds of goodies and a note for each resident!  Jacob Cramer, the founder of the nonprofit, shared how special the day was for him and his friends.  “Being able to pass out fun, uplifting goodies to the seniors was a beautiful experience. Actually, one resident was stunned that we were giving her a surprise since the holiday season had passed, and I told her that gifts are best when they’re unexpected. In response, she told me that it was the best surprise she’d ever had! That was so nice to hear.  The staff were so kind helping us deliver the bags. It was a really nice way to spend our afternoon getting to throw a bit of a “positivity party” for the seniors!”  Click on the link to watch a brief video of the experience shared by Love for the Elderly

Jacob recognized that oftentimes after the holidays people experience a sadness, or let down, and his timing couldn’t have been better.  There is just as great a need for volunteer groups in the winter months as there is at other times of the year.  If you’re interested in bringing a group to spread some cheer at the St. Augustine Health Campus, please contact the Volunteer Manager at 216-939-7601.