Emerald Village Gives Back! - St. Augustine Health Ministries
Emerald Village Residents Volunteer at the Friendship APL of Elyria

     Recently, the residents at Emerald Village Senior Living took some time out of their day to volunteer at the Friendship Animal Protective League (APL) of Elyria. Residents made toys, blankets and homemade dog treats to take to the facility. Our residents wanted to give back to the community to help a local non-profit and the Friendship APL stuck out to our residents! Volunteering, at any age, can bring so much joy — both for your heart and soul!

     For seniors, there are positive health benefits associated with volunteering including decreasing isolation and depression, helping boost self-esteem and making new friends while engaging in a common activity. It also helps to provide a sense of personal accomplishment and combat stress. Volunteering gives a purpose to life, and inspiring other by example can be incredibly meaningful. Spending time with animals can also decrease stress, reduce loneliness and help to boost their mood.

     By helping the APL, we are helping those pets that need behavioral enrichment items to keep them busy, happy and stimulated, while they live in the shelter, awaiting their forever homes! By helping improve your community, you are also helping yourself! It’s a win, win, as these Emerald Village residents discovered!