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“Chopped” Championship

On this episode of St. Augustine Health Campus’s “Chopped”, we welcome back finalists for the grand finale, championship round! We have crafted this competition based off the cooking show Chopped to come together as a community of staff and residents. We were aware that some of our residents have been chefs in their previous careers and thought that bringing a family fun cooking competition could bring back that muscle memory of being in the kitchen those years ago- benefitting memory recall and having a good time doing so.

There were several rounds leading up to the finale, each round teams were given ingredients and not told beforehand what they would be. Each team of residents was challenged with preparing a course (appetizer, entrée, or dessert) for our panel of staff judges to scarf down and score! They had a set amount of time to create their dish- which was done masterfully!

The turn out for support for this event was something to be seen, almost the entire rec room was full of friends and staff to watch and see who our winners would be. Congratulations to the dessert team for winning the judges over with their ice cream special! Thank you to all our participants and to our activities department for putting this together ­- we are so blessed to have staff that truly wants the best for our residents.

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