Donation to Child Enrichment Center Makes Center Life Easier

Boy standing next to donation to child enrichment centerA donation to the Child Enrichment Center has helped make the days a little easier. Leave it up to our Center families to always be so thoughtful and make us feel appreciated!

While the housekeeping staff on the Health Campus does a wonderful job, messes happen constantly in the Center. So instead of having to rely on housekeeping to clean up minor messes like an overturned container of glitter or crunched up Cheerios on the carpet, the staff was looking into purchasing a vacuum cleaner. This way they could quickly clean up the mess themselves and relieve housekeeping of the constant trips to the Center.

The Goodman-Ibrahim Family wanted to do something special for the Center that would help make their days a little easier. They also wanted to show their appreciation and support for all the staff does for their son. So upon hearing about the quest for the new vacuum, they took it upon themselves to purchase one and surprise our staff with it! 

To the Goodman-Ibrahim Family, thank you for this thoughtful donation to the Child Enrichment Center! Your support and generosity is truly appreciated!