LeadingAge Ohio Awards General Scholarship to Marie Bowe

Bowe Receives LeadingAge Ohio General Scholarship

CLEVELAND- A nurse at St. Augustine Health Campus, Maria Bowe, LPN, received the General Scholarship from the Leading Age Ohio Foundation this week. Leading Age represents approximately 400 non-profit long-term care organizations and hospices throughout Ohio,as well as those providing ancillary health care and housing services.

The Leading Age Foundation provides annual scholarships to help employees of non-profit organizations continue to advance in the field of aging services.  Out of thirty-two applicants, Bowe was one of fourteen to receive a General Scholarship. This will help her to continue her nursing education so she can transition from to licensed practical nurse (LPN) to a registered nurse (RN).

Aside from being a nurse at St. Augustine, Bowe also teaches students how to become state tested nursing aids (STNA). This program gives students the amazing opportunity to begin their career in the nursing field. Bowe wants to acquire her RN license so she can advocate for and attempt to change some of the requirements of the STNA state program to ensure that it is an equal opportunity for everyone. In order to make those changes, she needs the necessary education to speak out.

On September 26, the President/CEO of LeadingAge Ohio, Kathryn Brod, awarded Bowe with the check. “Maria’s commitment to drive through the suburb in which she lives (even though there are five facilities within walking distance of her home) and work at St. Augustine Health Campus was powerful”, said Brod. “In addition, her description of the desire she has to serve is truly moving.” Bowe noted “I choose to commute to my facility because here at St. Augustine we take care of people that have not been dealt the greatest hand in life. I feel that I am needed here, my work truly encompasses my facility’s mission.” 

Present at the ceremony were Rick Meserini, President and CEO of St. Augustine Health Ministries; Anita Gerrasch, Administrator of St. Augustine Health Campus; Colleen Wilson, DON; and Frank Huba, CEO.   

Bowe Receives Scholarship

Pictured from L-R is Kathryn Brod, Rick Meserini, Antia Gerrasch, Maria Bowe, Colleen Wilson and Frank Huba