Go Tribe! - St. Augustine Health Ministries

On Sunday, April 13, the “Charity in Action” group from St. Clarence Church threw their annual “Go Tribe” party at Emerald Village. The group throws this spectacular party once a year for our residents and is complete with hot dogs, beer, peanuts, popcorn and Cracker Jack. Residents enjoyed a special Cleveland Indians Bingo game complete with prizes and Slider even made an appearance!

Emerald Village works with St. Clarence Church by making rosaries and participating in their “Coups for Troops” program. We truly appreciate the relationship we have with our friends next door!



An Emerald Village resident poses for a picture with Slider, the Cleveland Indians mascot, at the annual Go Tribe Party
held on April 13.


Emerald Village residents enjoy popcorn and refreshments at the annual Go Tribe Party thrown by the Charity in Action group from St. Clarence Church.