About Us - St. Augustine Health Ministries

Welcome to St. Augustine Health Ministries

St. Augustine Health Ministries is a mission-driven, faith-based, not-for-profit organization founded by Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland, dedicated to providing a continuum of health care and social services within our community. Throughout the Health Ministries, we ensure that the needs of every individual are met with dignity, comfort, and love.

We have been a leader in serving senior adults and the chronically ill for nearly 50 years, with special attention to the poor and most vulnerable.

What began as St. Augustine Manor nursing home in 1969 has now become St. Augustine Health Ministries. Our name illustrates the broadening scope of our services to encompass more increasingly complex healthcare issues and our core beliefs that life is precious, that each individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that the professional care we provide be defined by its compassion and attention to a higher purpose.

As part of St. Augustine Health Ministries you will have access to a comprehensive selection of services in both residential and community-based settings. We are proud to offer highly specialized programs for post-hospital rehabilitation, home care services, as well as long-term care, hospice, and more, in a dignified and comfortable setting for our patients and residents.

Our continuum of care celebrates and empowers each person to live a life of purpose, independence, and well-being. Our patients, residents, and all we serve are our first responsibility. We provide our services with love, skill, compassion, and respect for all human dignity – regardless of race, creed, or religious affiliation.