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Tel: 440.888.7722
Tel: 440.888.7722

Grief & Spiritual Support

IMG_9258When we experience the death of someone close to us, it is natural and normal to grieve our loss. Grief is an individualized process, unique to you. Grief can last longer than most people expect, and we may need support beyond what family or friends can provide. With the support of our compassionate bereavement staff at Holy Family, you do not have to go through it alone.Our trained, qualified bereavement professionals are able to provide education, normalization and validation in the grief journey and encourage you along the way.Holy Family offers bereavement services to anyone in the community experiencing loss due to death, even if your loved one was not a Holy Family patient.

  • Up to 13 months of grief counseling and support to spouses, family members and close friends of a loved one
  • Supportive phone calls to family members who have lost a loved one
  • Bereavement counseling for individuals and families
  • Eight-week grief support groups
  • Monthly on-going support groups
  • Monthly Memorial Mass
  • Annual candle lighting service
  • Education resources

All services are free of charge but donations are gladly accepted. For more information on our bereavement programs, please contact Erin or Amanda at 440.888.7722.